Actor, writer, born in Canada, forged in Greece and working in LA

Elias has appeared in General Hospital as Kostas and worked alongside Emmy Award-winning actress Genie Francis and Emmy-nominated actor Jon Lindstrom. He has also worked opposite Jon Bernthal in ‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’. He also won the Vanguard Best Actor award at the Idyllwild Film Festival for “Rich and Happy” a film he wrote and produced.

Classically trained at the world-famous Lee Strasberg Theatre, Elias was directed by cinema greats like Paul Calderon, Geoffrey Horne, Susan Grace Cohen, and Bill Hopkins. Elias hones his craft at the prestigious Beverly Hills Playhouse directed by Allen Barton, Art Cohan, and Howie Deutch. His performance in ‘Nexting’ earned him a Maverick Movie Award. He plays a good old-fashioned bad guy in three Assassin’s Creed video games. He has worked on hit shows such as The Transporter series, Murdoch Mysteries, Fatal Vows, District 31, and Lance et Compte the film and the series to name a few.

Elias loves spending time at the rink, shooting pucks, making plays, and scoring goals. His favorite travel destination, because of its rich history, excellent cuisine, breathtaking beaches, and his ability to speak the language is the historic isle of Chios in Greece, located 7 kilometers off the Anatolian coast. He has performed in film, television, video games, and on the stage in English, French, and Greek.


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