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Born and raised in Montreal, Elias discovered early on a steadfast reverence for the arts. He fostered this passion through creative writing, improvisational sketches and short films; constantly nurturing a devotion for acting while in high school. While successfully completing a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree from McGill University he simultaneously studied at the Montreal School of Performing Arts. There, Elias performed main roles in a variety of plays including “A Christmas Carol” and “Creation of the World and Other Business”.

Soon after graduation, Elias joined the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He endeavoured to hone his acting skills, moving his instructors who invited him to perform a scene before an audience of directors teaching at the TISCH School of the Arts at NYU. This prospect led to his being cast as the lead in two separate independent film productions. Upon completion at the film institute, he returned to Montreal to continue his journey.

Elias has worked on television and film sets both in Montreal and Toronto. Most notably, on HBO’s “Transporter” television series as the young and charismatic Philippe, and on the mini-series “Exploding Sun”, as well as roles in “Mayday” and “Lance et Compte”.

Elias’ involvement in numerous projects with local directors, indie productions, and big budget television shows has improved his skills yet drives him to work ever harder. Every project is a learning experience. There is no doubt that his commitment, hard work and talent will add value with continual success.